A portrait of feminine dress

I just stumbled across a new-to-me blog, Deep Roots At Home, and the first thing that caught my eye was Jacqueline's seven-part series, "A Portrait of Feminine Dress".

There were LOTS of ideas in the series, everything from thrift shop outfits, to hand-sewn outfits, and everything in between, including ideas for what shoes or boots to wear with various outfits.

I got lots of new ideas for myself from this series, and will post links to each part for your inspiration and enjoyment as well.

A Portrait of Feminine Dress:

Part 1  Introduction With Ideas

Part 2  Mix-n-Match

Part 3  Outdoor Activities and Exercise

Part 4  Running Errands

Part 5  Around the House

Part 6  Ruffled Tops and DIY Tutorials

Part 7  Skirts and Flattering Shoes

Helen Bunney in a Dress by Blanes, 1957

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