A wife's tone of voice

We may be friendly, polite and sweet when we speak to strangers in public, but what is the tone of our voice like at home?

Do we often speak sharply or let our irritation show without even realizing how we sound?

April at Peaceful Wife has started a Tone of Voice Challenge to remind us to start being more aware of the tone of voice we use with our husbands and children, and then practice using a softer, gentler, friendlier tone at home.

April says we can make our homes sanctuaries of love and harmony by changing the tone of voice we use with our families, and especially these days, we need all the peaceful homes we wives can help create.

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  1. I know this is older, but I just found your blog through Sanne at Adventures in Keeping House. This is such a good reminder! Thank you.
    God bless


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