Women who wear skirts and dresses

I was a little girl growing up in the 1960s.  One of our family's favorite TV shows then was The Andy Griffith Show, and I remember Aunt Bee wearing a dress, pearls, hat, and gloves just to run to the corner market. That was how most women dressed then.

I remember my mother and my grandmother wearing house dresses during the week, and a dressier dress with heels, hat and gloves when we went to church on Sunday.

Over the last 50 years though, something's changed. We've gotten a lot more casual--and often, a lot more sloppy-- in the way we dress. It used to be easy to tell if a person was a man or a woman, just by their dress. It's not so easy anymore, and sometimes it's actually impossible to tell whether you're looking at a man or a woman. It seems like men have become more like women, and women have become more like men. Everything's blended.

Where once we dressed in our "Sunday best" to attend church, these days you'll find many, many churches where it's common for everyone to attend services in jeans and shorts.

These days, you can go to a wedding and see people dressed in jeans. People even attend funerals in t-shirts, jeans and sneakers now!

I've just discovered an excellent blog about femininity and modesty, The Modest Mom Blog. Caroline was answering a question that she gets asked, why it is that she chooses to wear skirts all the time. The quote below says it much better than I could:

1. Because they are feminine and easily portray the fact that I am a woman.This is honestly my strongest argument as to why I wear skirts. In today’s culture people seem to be extremely confused as to which gender they are (or at least many act and look confused). Homosexuality is rampant... This has made me even more determined to dress as a woman (for that is what God made me), to portray to my children that I am a female and I’m blessed to be one. Men and women properly functioning in their God given roles is one of the best defenses against the relational perversions we find in our present day. I am a woman and have no desire to look like a man (much less act like one). ~from Caroline at The Modest Mom

Our children are grown and have families of their own now, and when I look around, I feel sad for our grandchildren. I agree with Caroline that there's so much gender confusion out there now, whether it's seeing women dressed in combat gear in the military, or "metrosexual" men wearing makeup and carrying purses on the streets of a major city.

If we don't teach our children and grandchildren, and set an example for them, what's going to happen to them? How confused are they going to be, and what about the children they'll have some day?

It would be so nice to see more masculine men and more feminine women again.


  1. We began discussing this topic in earnest in our family several years ago when our oldest daughters were entering their teen years, and my husband noticed that when they dressed in tshirts and jeans (like boys) they walked, talked, acted more like boys.
    A woman, or girl, in feminine dress acts more like a woman. This is the conclusion our family has come to.
    Stopping by from The Modest Mom - looking forward to browsing around your site a bit.

  2. I admit I often wear Jeans. I love looking feminine, but often the travel/mission work/etc. we do makes jeans more practical. But lately I've tried adding more dresses/skirts to my wardrobe. I love the feminine look in some of your images for this post.
    I also wanted to reply to your comment on my Birthday post since my blog doesn't automatically reply. Thanks for stopping by. I pray you will continue to be comforted in the difficult situation you've gone through and I pray God will bring all kinds of good to you from it. Bless you,


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